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Harvest Moon

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We're finally starting to chip away at those disturbingly-global-warming-ish-95-degree fall mornings here in the midwest---which means it's time to bring out my full autumnal arsenal of deep reds, rusty oranges, chocolatey browns and mustard yellow frocks. Now, I never met a color I didn't like (pale skin tone be damned) but the warm hues of fall are my jam. 

This first frock has been in my wardrobe for a few years, and it's always the dress I use to signal that it is, in fact, fall. It's the dress equivalent of ordering a PSL. I love the vibrant color combo, and the light linen blend works well for the early days of fall when the sun is still blazing. 


Dress: Paper Doll Vintage (RIP)//Shoes: Lions Mane Vintage 

So this next one is one of my personal favorites. I am a sucker for a big ole pointy 70's collar and the print reminds me of curtains your grandma would have in her kitchen. This one is a nice thick polyester that feels too heavy for summer, but since it's sleeveless it requires a cardi in the fall. 

Dress: Scout Dry Goods and Trade//Cardigan: Modcloth (old)//Shoes: Lions Mane Vintage 

I don't often wear dresses that are a solid color (I like prints, if you haven't picked up on that), but I like how unadorned this simple brown dress is, because I can play with all sorts of headband/ascot/cardigan/tights/boots combos to spiff it up a bit. It also leaves room to mix patterns in my accessories, as I've done here wit ha floral headscarf and a striped cardigan. 


Dress: Thrifted//Cardigan: Scout Dry Goods and Trade//Shoes: See previous two outfits//Necklace: Paper Doll Vintage 

By now you may be wondering if my entire fall wardrobe looks like a bag of pumpkin spice M & M's. Well, honestly it kinda does---but I did break out of the candy corn palette on Friday to wear this jewel-toned gem I got from Shop Whurl IRL when she did a pop-up at Hello Holiday a couple weekends ago. Dreams really do come true, you guys. 

I don't usually delve into the 80's too much, but I do have a soft spot for early 80's secretary-esqe dresses. Can you picture a gal named Debbi with feathered bangs and glasses the size of her whole face answering phones in this? Amazing. Anyway, I wore this to see Angel Olsen at Lincoln Caliing and she was so so so good.


Dress: Whurl//Shoes: B.A.I.T Footwear//Necklace & Belt: Thrifted 

What do you love about fall clothing? Berets? Jean jackets? Sweaters? Holla at me! 

Fall really makes me want to listen to some Neil, so here you guys go. Bonus track: Angel Olsen at NPR.