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It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

The start of the school year is THE BEST. Everyone has a new box of crayons and the totally unfounded belief that it's going to be the best year ever. Of course, you know I have to bring my "A" game the first couple weeks of school, outfitwise. 

For the first day, I went for a vibrant orange vintage dress with a necktie. I'm a sucker for neckties, pussy bows, and the like. I felt a bit like a late 70's secretary--Mary Tyler Mooreish, I suppose. (Was she a secretary? I assume she was bc sexism.)

Sadly, my puppy was so excited when I returned home from school that he ripped a (large) hole in this 30+ year old polyester frock. Whenever I ruin vintage I have to laugh/weep at the notion that this piece of clothing existed relatively unscathed for three or four decades, only to be ruined after a week in my possession. This is why we can't have nice things. 

Dress: Scout Dry Goods and Trade // Shoes + Bag: Modcloth (old) // Bracelet: Thrifted 

You had me at rainbow polkadots.  This dress reminds me of funfetti cupcakes and Twister (the game, not the 90's movie with Helen Hunt). So it's basically like a children's birthday party in dress form! Also it's suUuuUper comfortable, flattering and profesh-looking, imo.   

Dress: Hello Holiday, old // Shoes: B.A.I.T footware // Dog: Nebraska Humane Society

This was my first day of school outfit last year, and I pulled it out for a 2017 remix. However, I didn't photograph it this year--so this is last year's picture. Is that cheating? I think so, but it's my blog, so whatever.

I love everything about this dress! It's bright, fun and cheery, just like the start of the school year should be.


Dress: Petal Pink Vintage // Shoes: Probably the same red ones from above 

Even if you're not in education, I hope you, too, have a new 64 pack of Crayolas (with built-in sharpener) and a renewed sense of purpose. 

Stay tuned next week to see the shoes I bought when I was trying to only make "sensible" purchases this month (one pair is pink and furry--totally necessary wardrobe staple)! 

<3 E