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Last week, Luther and I embarked on a last-minute, haphazardly thrown together trip to Colorado. The loose plans included staying at a casino hotel, camping for a couple of nights, and hanging out in Boulder. Packing for trips is not a strong suit for me anyway, but this one was especially rough because of the 48 hours of nature therapy (or whatever). I had to purchase and wear hiking shoes, guys. Gross. 

Anyhow, despite misreading a trail map, having a panic attack 3 miles from the top of Mt. Evans, and showering at a YMCA,  I did manage to enjoy myself and get in a couple of good frocks. I also got to stop at a favorite small town thrift and ye old Buffalo Exchange in Boulder. 

After the 2-day camping excursion concluded (i.e. I awoke at daybreak and proclaimed it time to bounce), we were left with like 8 hours to kill before we could check in to our hotel. Enter: the $12 YMCA shower (you can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal, etc.). Post-shower I was truly feeling like a new woman in this cream colored vintage house dress with apple embroidery. 

The above shot is my personal fave, because of this green motel which totes had Fargo-season-2-motel-shootout vibes. 

The details on this dress are so good. 

This zipper! 

This zipper! 

Dress- Scout Dry Goods and Trade/Shoes- Born, ridiculously old 

Many years ago, my friend Ginger and I took a road trip to Colorado in which our main objective was to thrift along the way. We stopped at this Goodwill in Lexington, NE. and it was a jackpot. I decided to stop by and see if I might have the same stroke of luck.

I purchased a vintage suitcase, as well as a skirt and necklace, which I styled below by pairing with a striped crop top that has quickly become a summer wardrobe staple. 



Crop top-Hello Holiday/Skirt, necklace-thrifted/Shoes-thrifted  

A quick aside: we have satellite radio in our new car, and because of this I learned that there is a musical genre called "Yacht Rock". It's basically late 70's/early 80's soft rock that yuppies might listen to while sipping white wine and wearing Sperry's. Think Kenny Loggins, Hall & Oates, and "Rosanna" by Toto. If you find yourself at a late summer yacht party, now you know what to request from the DJ to fit in with the old money (are there DJ's on yachts...?).

Do you like to check out thrift stores and vintage spots on vacation? How do you decide which places to stop?  More importantly, whose your favorite yacht rock artist?! Drop me a comment, I'd love to hear from you!